“Where are you looking for God- when he is in front of you in every living being, in many different forms? Those who serve mankind (and any other living being) are serving God” -- Swami Vivekananda.

Inspired by this thought of Swami Vivekananda, a group of people who share common values and ideals formed UPASA (United Pravaasa Aatmeeyula Society of America) - a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying, addressing and fulfilling social, cultural and educational needs of Telugu communities. UPASA offers medical, financial and educational assistance to the deserving Telugu speaking people to reach their potential.

The mission is to perpetuate, integrate and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Telugu speaking people.

As a social organization, UPASA is committed to offer services and supports to the needy students. Our health and educational extension programs target the poor. UPASA’s relentless pursuit is to connect and engage people in the community development programs.


Our objectives

● Create new growth opportunities for Telugu people by offering educational, financial and medical services and spiritual support through our rural and urban development centers.
● Engage in community building
● Help and uplift needy people
● Organize and promote Telugu literary and educational events
● Generate and raise funds to help disaster-affected Telugus in India and US either independently or in collaboration with other non-profit organizations
● Support, cooperate and work jointly with local non-profit organizations


What We Do

Our goal is to perpetuate, integrate and assimilate the cultural heritage of the Telugu speaking people into the mainstream of North America by upholding the following fundamental values

Our Services

We provide medical, financial and educational assistance to the deserving people. We promote development communication and offer year-long value-added services like medical camps, educational & training programs. UPASA conducts youth seminars by inviting prominent speakers and undertaking other unique projects for the benefits of the Telugu communities.

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Women empowerment

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Who are we

With the objective of ascertaining the right to independence, self-reliance and non-alignment for the Telugus, UPASA (United Pravaasa Aatmeeyula Society of America) was founded in the beginning of 2017. We are a group of like-minded people founded this nonprofit organization to hurriedly find solutions for the most urgent needs of poor and needy Telugu people. We work hard for the eradication of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Headquartered in Texas USA, we have many rural and urban development centers to provide medical, financial and educational assistance to the Telugu speaking people suffering from poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Moreover, we offer ethical support to alleviate the sufferings of Telugu communities for the betterment of their life.


We believe “unity is strength”. Inspired by this belief, we unite all the members of UPASA to uphold the individual dignity and mutual respect. We invite the people with a common area of interest and bring them under one umbrella organization to collectively work and instill confidence, self-dependence and self-reliance in them.

Transparency & Accountability

We ensure transparency and accountability by holding all the members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors to the values as specified in the organizational By-Laws.


We would like to make UPASA a pioneer and a role model through innovations and diffusion of innovations in the entrepreneurial promotion and community service in North America and other parts of the World to accelerate the process of development by making Telugu people aware of the needs and opportunities to meet these exactly. We will facilitate the decision process and help put the practices smoothly and swiftly into effect. Our supports and services are not limited to the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (home to Telugu people), we pursue useful and essential projects in the areas of Literacy, Education, Sanitation, Health promotion, and Rehabilitation.

Our mission

To identify, address and fulfill social, financial and educational needs of North American Telugu Community in particular and Telugu people in general.

We raise charitable funds to support the needs of Telugu communities and families.


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